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S.P. Agarwal & Co. has a commitment to providing the expertise our clients need in a variety of industries and sectors. We have the unique skills and knowledge to understand every facet of your organization, and because we make it our policy to listen and learn about your plans and challenges, we also have a thorough understanding of your operations..

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What gives S.P. Agarwal & Co. a distinct competitive advantage is not just the firm's longevity, but it's unwavering emphasis on three success-oriented factors that promise results for our clients:

Building Relationships

Clients who select us, remain loyal to us because we demonstrate the importance of developing and maintaining relationships. Professionals at Spaaco maintain an active interest in the financial affairs of their clients throughout the year. Because of these professional relationships, we offer proactive support to respond to changing business environments. Through trust, respect and results, Spaaco builds its client base one client at a time.

Our clients view us as more than just their accountants and management consultants. They consider us to be trusted professional advisors. Close professional relationships with our clients allow us to easily assess and deliver what those clients need to meet desired outcomes. If we recognize the need for services outside our normal practice, we can call upon other reputable businesses with which we maintain correspondent relationships.

Addressing Client Needs

SPAACO realizes that every client's needs are unique SPAACO devotes the time and resources required to identify those business and service solutions that serve each client best. Equipped with this insight, SPAACO professionals consider alternative solutions and work with each client to determine the appropriate course of action. It is through this uncommon level of commitment that our business relationships are strengthened and the needs of our clients are thoroughly articulated and realized.

SPAACO commits senior-level staff to each engagement, and those staff remain involved until the engagement is completed. Once our clients and SPAACO staff have established a working relationship, these clients can be assured that SPAACO senior staff will remain devoted to their needs and provide the follow-through required to meet their expectations.

Upholding Standards of Quality

SPAACO continuously subscribes to and meets the highest standards of quality in the profession. All professional personnel must adhere to independence, integrity and objectivity standards set forth by regulatory agencies.

In addition to these external evaluations and guidelines SPAACO has also adopted internal standards relating to professional performance, engagement performance, and personnel management.

We will work with you to determine the complement of S.P. Agarwal & Co., services that best meet your needs. We focus on achieving the results you want in the most cost-effective manner.

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