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Interview Process


Recruitment is a dialogical process at S.P Agarwal & Co.. Attempting to articulate the expectations for career placement, and at the same time helping a candidate understand opportunities, is at the heart of our recruiting process.

We begin the process with acknowledging the receipt of each and every resume received. If you afford us the compliment of demonstrating an interest in our company, we believe you deserve an acknowledgment.

Next, we study your resume and attempt an initial match with one of our current openings. When a match occurs, we discuss your qualifications and experience with the hiring authority for that particular position.

The Human Resources Department will then contact you, either for an initial phone interview, or to invite you in to have a discussion with the hiring authority for the position in question. At that point, you may be asked back to meet with other members of the department, as well.

During the interview process there are some essential areas we will be looking at:

  • How committed you are to the accounting and business consulting arena?
  • What your true abilities are, how articulate you are and how you carry yourself?
  • How your skills and communication style match with the team?
  • What unique and diverse perspective will you bring?

In order to continue the dialogue, it is our hope that you are evaluating us at the same time. Should both of us agree that it would be mutually beneficial, an offer will be made to you as quickly as possible.