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Business Start-up

S.P Agarwal & co helps start-up businesses by providing them with the advice and support essential to assist new businesses survive and thrive. Our help begins by doing your incorporations for you. Like caring parents, we would give love, support and care (in the form of financial advice, sound business plans and encouragement) to young businesses and continue to guide them and establish profitable strategies as the businesses grow…and yes, S.P Agarwal & Co. will be there to pick you up when you occasionally trip-up over your shoe laces!

  • In the start-up phase we can:
  • Analyze tax and organizational structure and complete required forms for startup
  • Make recommendations, including treatment of initial and on-going capitalization
  • Assist in the selection of appropriate software
  • Design and implement accounting systems and processes that provide the internal controls you need now and as your firm grows.